The Office of Cannabis Management is charged with the approval of sampling firms, establishing sampling and transportation guidance and standards used by firms, and ensuring the firms and their staff have the skills, resources and expertise needed to accurately and consistently perform required sampling pursuant to Part 130 of Title 9.

Sampling Firm Application

A non-refundable application fee of $500.00 must be submitted with the application. A cannabis laboratory can also apply to be a sampling firm. The application fee payment must be submitted by check, made payable to the Office of Cannabis Management and be mailed to the Office at:
Attn: Laboratory Division
New York State Office of Cannabis Management
P.O. Box 2071
Albany, NY 12220.

Sampling Guidance and Standards

A sampling firm must have a standard operating procedure for sampling and transportation, which meets the sampling guidance and standards established by the Office of Cannabis Management.


Sampling Quality System Standard

Approved Sampling Firms

The following table contains the list of approved sampling firms in New York State.

Sampling Firm NameApproval NumberContact PersonEmail Address or Website
DRS TestingOCM-CSF-00016Mr. John Midgley[email protected]
Cannabis Sampling SolutionsOCM-CSF-00001Mrs. Karina Pedonehttps://cannabissamplingny.com
CannaPort SamplingOCM-CSF-00002Mrs. Shirly Ulfanwww.cannaportsampling.com
ACT Laboratories, Inc.OCM-CSF-00003Mr. Damian Kozuchwww.ACTLaboratoriesInc.com
Western NY Hemp HandlersOCM-CSF-00004Mr. Brian McDonoughwww.wnyhemp-cannabis-sampling.com/
Keystone State Testing of NYOCM-CSF-00005Dr. Kelly Greenland, Ph.D.www.keystonestatetesting.com/home.html
Botannis Labs NY CorpOCM-CSF-00006Mr. Matthew Chamakkalahttps://botannis.com/
Cut AboveOCM-CSF-00008Mr. James Morrellhttps://cutabovecollections.com
Trichrome TransportationOCM-CSF-00009Ms. Cynthia Brewerwww.kaychalabs.com
Dope Diagnostics Inc.OCM-CSF-00010Mr. Craig Besnoywww.dopediagnostics.com
Green Analytics-NY, LLCOCM-CSF-00011Mr. Billy Woolf[email protected]
CTND NY LLCOCM-CSF-00014Mr. Aaron Rileywww.certifiedtnd.com
GreenHaul SolutionsOCM-CSF-00015Mr. Shayne Matthews [email protected] 
MCR Labs NYOCM-CSF-00013Mr. Andrew Burkewww.mcrlabs.com 
Fruition Flowers Firm OCM-CSF-00017Mr. Quintus Hicks[email protected]



Contact the Office of Cannabis Management

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