Cannabis product recalls are implemented to remove defective or potentially unsafe products from the market. Recalls may be initiated through one of the following pathways:

  1. A licensee or Registered Organization (RO) may initiate a recall.  If a licensee or RO identifies the need for a recall, they must notify the Office of Cannabis Management (Office) at [email protected].
  2. The Office may initiate an administrative recall when it becomes aware of an issue with a cannabis product that could adversely affect the health and safety of consumers. 


Recalls can be classified as: 

Level 1 - use or consumption could cause or has caused adverse health consequences

A Level 1 cannabis product recall will be initiated when internal or external sampling, consumer complaint investigations or inspections confirm a strong likelihood that biological, chemical, or physical contamination is found at a level where the product is considered adulterated, misbranded or mislabeled. Examples of contaminants include, but are not limited to: 

  • Pathogens 
  • Undeclared Ingredients 
  • Chemical Contaminants 
  • Physical Contaminants 
  • Mislabeling 


Level 2 – use or consumption is not likely to cause adverse health consequences. 

Reasons for a Level 2 recall include, but not are limited to:  

  • Smudged labels 
  • Product does not meet internal quality specifications 
  • Labeling or packaging does not meet regulatory requirements 


What should a Licensee or Registered Organization do once a recall has been initiated? 

A licensee or registered organization must notify the Office within 24 hours at [email protected] and a form will be sent requesting additional information.  

Licensees and ROs must have written plans and procedures for all quality assurance concerns, including a recall plan.  They should follow their policy and procedure for the duration of the recall. Additionally, the Licensee and RO will need to provide the Office with a weekly status report for the duration of the recall.  


Who determines the recall classification level? 

The Office will assist with determining the level of the recall.  


How will recalls be communicated to the Public? 

Any recalls the Office is made aware of or that are initiated by the Office will be posted for the public on this webpage. 

A licensee or Registered Organization should be prepared to issue recall notifications to both the public and to all in the supply chain who received the affected products.  

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