The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) provides oversight for New York State’s Medical Cannabis Program.

To issue certifications for patients to receive medical cannabis health care providers must:

  • Be licensed, registered, or certified by New York State to prescribe controlled substances to humans within the State, such as physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, dentists, podiatrists, and midwives.
  • Complete at least a two-hour course before they can begin certifying patients for medical cannabis.

The new Medical Cannabis Data Management System (MCDMS) was designed to streamline the patient certification process for health care providers.

Enhancements to the MCDMS include:

  • Expanded medical conditions available when certifying patients
  • Ability for practitioners to extend certification end dates on an existing certification.
  • Ability for patients to designate up to five (5) designated caregivers.
  • Patients do not need to re-register on an extended certification



    A minimum of a two-hour approved course must be completed by practitioners who wish to certify patients for medical cannabis. Courses include the following content: the pharmacology of cannabis; contraindications; side effects; adverse reactions; overdose prevention; drug interactions; dosing; routes of administration; risks and benefits; warnings and precautions; and abuse and dependence.

    The Office has approved the following providers to offer the required course(s). All course providers offer 12 months of access to their content. For additional information on a course, click the course provider’s name below to be redirected to its website.

    Course Provider
    Course Duration
    Fulfills requirement
    for practitioners
    wishing to certify patients
    Fulfills requirement
    for practitioners
    working in dispensing facilities
    CME credits offered
    The Answer Page - A Brand New Course 3 hours Yes No $165

    Yes - 

    AMA, PRA Category 1 Credits™, ACPE, AANP, ANCC, APA, and AGD

    The Answer Page - A Brand New Course 5 hours Yes Yes $175

    Yes - 

    AMA, PRA Category 1 Credits™, ACPE, AANP, ANCC, APA, and AGD

    The Medical Cannabis Institute
    Authored by the
    Society of Cannabis Clinicians
    4 hours Yes Yes $229 No
    The Medical Cannabis Institute 4 hours Yes Yes $179 Yes
    Medical Marijuana 411 4 hours Yes Yes $179 No
    Medical Cannabis Mentor 4 hours Yes Yes $150 No
    Universal Education Services 4 hours Yes Yes $145 No

    Apply to be a Course Provider

    The Office is not accepting new applications at this time from individuals or entities seeking approval to provide a practitioner education course. Applications that were previously submitted to the Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program will be reviewed and posted above when they are approved.

    Medical Cannabis Data Management System

    Accessing the Medical Cannabis Data Management System (MCDMS)

    First Time Users: 

    • Log into the Health Commerce System (HCS).
    • From My Content (top banner menu) →  All Applications →  “M” →  Medical Cannabis Data Management System.
    • Click on the green plus sign. This will add the MCDMS application to your personal “My Applications” menu.
    • Click on the Medical Cannabis Data Management System link.
    • Follow the prompts to access the system.

    Returning Users:

    • Log into the HCS.
    • From My Applications (left hand side menu), select Medical Cannabis DMS.

    ***If you recently renewed your DEA registration, please allow 3 business days for the system to update.***

    Certifying Patients

    To certify qualifying patients for medical cannabis, practitioners must use the Medical Cannabis Data Management System, located within the Health Commerce System (HCS).

    Remember: It’s the Law: Practitioners must consult the PMP Registry to check a patient’s controlled substance history before issuing or editing a patient’s certification. PMP Registry

    Important Information for Patients under 18 or Incapable of Consent

    If your patient is a under the age of 18 or incapable of providing consent for medical treatment, at the time of patient registration, this patient will require the following:

    • someone over 18 years old, with a valid DMV ID (driver license or non-driver ID card), to register the patient on the patient’s behalf.
    • at least one designated caregiver who possesses a valid DMV ID (it can be the same person who’s registering on behalf of the patient).

    You can view the complete Practitioner Guide to Patient Certifications or use the Certification Quick Reference Menu below to jump to specific instructions.


    Certification Quick Reference

    Program Contact & Information

    Program Contact & Information HCS website: https://commerce.health.state.ny.us

    MCP website: https://cannabis.ny.gov/medical-cannabis

    Email: [email protected] or click 'Contact' from the MCDMS home page.

    Phone: 888-626-5151

    Guidance for Practitioners

    Office Visit Coverage

    The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) issued guidance to health insurers regarding coverage for office visits related to medical cannabis.

    Read the guidance

    Adverse Event Reporting

    Practitioners must report patient adverse events related to medical cannabis to the Office within five business days of becoming aware of the adverse event. Serious adverse events related to medical cannabis must be reported by the practitioner to the Office of Cannabis Management within one business day after the practitioner becomes aware of the event. The link below contains instructions for reporting adverse events.

    Participating Practitioners

    There is a public list of practitioners who consent to be listed publicly, with their specialties and locations.



    Frequently Asked Questions