Notification to Municipalities of Certain Adult-Use Licenses

Notification to Municipalities of Certain Adult-Use Licenses


Pursuant to Section 76 of the Cannabis Law, not less than thirty days nor more than two hundred seventy days before filing an application for licensure as an adult-use retail dispensary or registered organization adult-use cultivator processor distributor retail dispensary or an on-site consumption licensee, an applicant shall notify the municipality in which the premises is located of such applicant's intent to file such an application. Applicants for a microbusiness authorized to conduct retail sales of cannabis products to consumers must also complete this notification in the same manner as an applicant for an adult-use retail dispensary license.







Finding Municipality or NYC Community Board Contact Information

Notification shall be made to the clerk of the village, town or city, as the case may be, where the premises is located. Notification to the clerk of a village is necessary only if the premises is located within the boundaries of that village. In New York City, notification shall be given to the community board that has jurisdiction over the area in which the premises is located.


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Find YOUR Municipal CLERK


To find your clerk, click on the "Find Your Municipal Clerk" button above.

  • Choose your county from the "Listing of Counties in New York State" section
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  • Click on the "Local Officials Addresses" section of the municipal page
  • There you will find the name, address, phone number and email address (if applicable) of the municipal clerk


A city, town, or village, and in New York City, a community board may express an opinion for or against the granting of such registration, license or permit application. If an opinion is expressed, it shall be deemed part of the record upon which the Office of Cannabis Management (Office) makes its recommendation to the Cannabis Control Board (Board) to grant or deny the application and the Board shall response to such city, town, village or community board with an explanation of how such opinion was considered in the granting or denial of an application.

How to Notify a Municipality or Community Board

Download municipal contact form


This notification has to be made by:

(a) certified mail, return receipt requested;

(b) overnight delivery service with proof of mailing; or

(c) personal service upon the offices of the clerk or community board

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