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OCM Launches Patient Auto-Registration

Medical cannabis patients certified after 3/19/2023 will be automatically registered with MCDMS when certified.
As of September 1, 2023
Medical Cannabis Program
Registered Patients – 123,002
Certifying Practitioners – 4,151
Medical Home Cultivation
How the Program Works

Any health care provider who can prescribe controlled substances in New York State, is qualified to treat the patient’s condition, and completes a two to four-hour course on medical cannabis, can certify patients for medical cannabis.  


Patients certified for medical cannabis by their health care provider will be automatically registered with the Medical Cannabis Program. No separate registry ID card is needed. The patient’s certification will contain a registry ID and can be used immediately in conjunction with a government issued photo ID to buy medical cannabis from a licensed medical dispensary in New York State. 


Medical cannabis dispensaries in New York State have pharmacists on-site to help patients find the right product for their conditions, check for interactions with other medications, and show patients how to use each form of cannabis. 

Find a Practitioner
Search the listing of practitioners in New York State who are authorized to certify patients.
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Dispensary Location Verification

Registered patients can buy medical cannabis products from dispensing facilities operated by Registered Organizations (RO) in New York State. Please contact the registered organization directly to learn more about the products they have available.

Find a dispensing facility near you.

Medical Dispensary Verification Tool

All registered medical dispensaries will be issued a Medical Dispensary Verification Tool that will be posted in the windows of legally registered medical dispensaries and available for consumers to see.