Executive Leadership




Chris Alexander is the inaugural Executive Director of the New York State Office of Cannabis Management. Appointed by Governor Kathy Hochul in September 2021, he is charged with the implementation and oversight of New York's cannabinoid hemp, adult-use, and medical cannabis programs. A long-time advocate for social justice, racial equity, and civic engagement; Mr. Alexander is the architect of the Start SMART NY campaign to end marijuana prohibition and the lead drafter of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, New York's marijuana legalization bill. He is a native of Hollis, Queens and the son of immigrant parents who came to the United States from the Caribbean Island of Grenada.  


He has previously worked as the Government Relations & Policy Manager for a multi-state cannabis company, as an Associate Counsel for the New York State Senate and Policy Coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance. He has also worked as a staffer in the House of Representatives during the 113th Congress and has led political campaigns on the state and local level.




Patrick McKeage serves as First Deputy Director for the Office of Cannabis Management. Patrick has worked on the cannabis file in New York State for the past five years helping to implement the cannabinoid hemp program, expand the medical cannabis program and create the adult-use cannabis program. Patrick has extensive knowledge of cannabis policy and regulations and has been managing the operational logistics associated with implementing the Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act and standing up the new Office of Cannabis Management. Patrick brings prior experience working in New York State Government from previous roles at the Department of Health, Office of General Services and the Department of Taxation and Finance. Patrick also has experience working in the New York State Assembly and an Albany based government relations firm.



Stanley De La Cruz serves as the Director of Executive Operations. He is responsible for designing, building, and implementing the Office's first long-term production workflow management system and operational protocol. The Director of Executive Operations' objective is to design the systems and processes that will increase productivity, responsiveness, and decision making by the Executive Team as they integrate existing operational activities across the three cannabis programs. He is the Agency Language Access Coordinator and Sustainability Coordinator. Stanley previously worked as the Deputy Director of Legislative Operations for the New York State Senate Majority Counsel and Program office.



Mary Adelaja is the Manager of Executive Operations and Chief Diversity Officer for the Office of Cannabis Management. In this role, she provides support and manages special projects exclusively for the Executive Team. She is responsible for the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, as well as it’s integration into OCM’s Strategic Plan and Social Equity Plan, as described in Section 87 of the Cannabis Law. She serves as the agency representative on New York State’s Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Council. Her 13 years of experiences gained from her previous employment with the Department of Homeland Security, will ensure the agency is meeting its internal diversity goals so that the workforce reflects all the communities of the state.







Chief Equity Officer

Damian Fagon


Damian Fagon was appointed as the Chief Equity Officer of the NYS Office of Cannabis Management in June 2022. In this role, Mr. Fagon will oversee the social and economic equity initiatives laid out in the MRTA. As a 3rd-generation farmer with a background in international development, agriculture and small business, he has led development initiatives with castor farmers in Jamaica, rice growers in Sierra Leone, and coffee exporters in Guatemala. Mr. Fagon has also launched and advised commercial cannabis operations in South Carolina, New York, and the Caribbean.

General Counsel

Linda Baldwin

Linda Baldwin serves as General Counsel to the Office of Cannabis Management and as Counsel to the Cannabis Control Board. She leads the Office of General Counsel to support the Office’s programs, legislative and regulatory agenda, and compliance and enforcement efforts. Ms. Baldwin has extensive experience in federal, state, and local government, including over nine years as the General Counsel at the NYS Department of State. She has also served as Director of the SMART Office at the U.S. Department of Justice, and as Chief Management Analyst at the NYS Office of Court Administration, where she planned and implemented initiatives focused on alternatives to incarceration. Ms. Baldwin’s other relevant experience includes private practice as a commercial and real estate litigator. She has a law degree from Columbia University, an urban planning degree from New York University, and a BA from Amherst College.

Senior Leadership




John Kagia

John Kagia serves as the Director of Policy for the Office of Cannabis Management. He leads the team responsible for policy development and implementation for the medical, adult use, and cannabinoid hemp programs in New York. John also manages development of research and data systems to measure and track industry performance, and he oversees deployment of the Office’s educational public health campaigns. Since joining the cannabis industry in 2014, John has been a pioneering industry analyst delivering groundbreaking research into emerging global markets, investment and capital flows, supply chain trends, product innovation, and evolving consumer behavior. He works with policy makers, investors, and business owners to capitalize on emerging opportunities, hedge against risk, and predict market defining trends. Prior to joining the cannabis industry, John spent a decade delivering market research and strategic intelligence to high-performing organizations across the federal government, technology, and non-profit sectors.





Nicole Quackenbush

Nicole Rosa, Pharm.D. is the Director of Health and Safety for the Office of Cannabis Management.  She provides oversight for product quality, compliance, customer service, and research to protect the health and safety of cannabis consumers and medical cannabis patients in New York state.  Nicole’s cannabis experience began in August 2014 when she was charged with implementing New York State’s Medical Cannabis Program after the Compassionate Care Act was signed into law.  She was also responsible for the oversight of the program, as well as many expansion initiatives.  In addition to her cannabis experience, Nicole supported the implementation of New York’s ISTOP legislation to help combat the opioid epidemic.  She also has experience in the private sector with the implementation of highly integrated systems in the health care industry, retail pharmacy operations, as well as management of state contracts in the PBM industry for senior prescription assistance programs, AIDS drug assistance programs, and Medicaid preferred drug programs.  Nicole has been licensed as a pharmacist since August 1998, holding registrations in New York and Florida.


Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson serves as the Director of Administration.  She is responsible for planning, developing, and supervising the operations of the Administration team, and managing the team responsible for overseeing the IT, Budget, and Human Resources portfolios of the agency. As the Director of Administration she also represents the agency on task forces making decisions and commitments on behalf of OCM.   She brings experience as the Operations Manager for the Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoid Hemp programs. Amanda was with the medical program since its inception in 2014 and was instrumental in meeting the implementation dates outlined within the Compassionate Care Act. She has overseen compliance of the Registered Organizations which manufacture and dispense products to certified patients, the customer service team which assists practitioners, patients and caregivers with registering with the program, and performed administrative functions, including but not limited to management of each of the Program’s budget, staffing, contracts and application systems. Mrs. Wilson stood up the Cannabinoid Hemp Program in 2020, including the release of an electronic application system through New York Business Express.  She previously worked on the implementation of the New York State of Health Marketplace, to expand the access of health insurance for all New Yorkers.  Mrs. Wilson has worked collaboratively with other New York State agencies, vendors, and external stakeholders to support each of these programs.


Jessica Woolford, Communications Director

Jessica Woolford serves as the Director of Communications for the Office of Cannabis Management, where she leads public relations, media and marketing to ensure a constant flow of accurate, relevant, and timely information to the public and key stakeholders. Jessica is an experienced bilingual communications and media professional, with over ten years of service in government, labor, and advocacy. She previously worked for U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and has contributed to numerous high-profile projects and campaigns. She holds a B.A. from Williams College.