The Office of Cannabis Management’s adult-use cannabis program improves access to safer, tested products for consumers while supporting the foundation of an equitable cannabis industry. The key to learning how cannabis might affect you is understanding different potencies, terpene combinations, and product forms.  Explore the consumer resources available below to learn how cannabis may affect you and tips on safer and responsible cannabis consumption. 

All consumer resources are intended for individuals 21 and over. 

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Find a Dispensary

A listing of all legal dispensaries in New York State officially licensed by the Office of Cannabis Management can be found using the button below.

find a dispensary

How can a cannabis purchaser tell if they are buying regulated products from a licensed adult-use cannabis dispensary?

To make sure you are purchasing cannabis from a licensed dispensary, here are the steps to take:  

1. After locating a dispensary, look for the Dispensary Verification Tool, which is pictured below.

All licensed dispensaries are issued a Dispensary Verification Tool which is posted in the storefront. Scan the QR code to be directed to OCM's website with a list of all licensed adult-use cannabis dispensaries.


2. When buying cannabis products, locate the Universal Symbol, which is pictured below. 

Every regulated adult-use cannabis product sold will also include the below New York State "universal symbol" designating it as a tested, regulated product. Consumers should check both the storefront for the Dispensary Verification Tool and the product label to ensure they're purchasing a regulated product. More examples of the "universal symbol" can be found here


3. Check for a QR code or link to your product’s “Certificate of Analysis” or CoA

All regulated products will have a QR code or link to that product’s lab testing results called a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). All cannabis products must pass lab testing before being sold at licensed adult-use or medical dispensaries. Lab testing ensures cannabis products available are safer to consume and are accurately labeled with potency. 



What is considered a valid ID?
  • A valid federal, state, or local government identification, including IDNYC, stating the customer’s age and a photograph of the individual’s face
  • A valid driver's license or non-driver identification card issued by the department of motor vehicles, the federal government, any United States territory, commonwealth or possession, the District of Columbia, a state government within the United States or a provincial government of the dominion of Canada
  • A valid passport issued by the United States government or any other country 
  • An identification card issued by the armed forces of the United States 


Cannabis Delivery FAQ

Cannabis delivery services are now available in New York. Check out the Adult-Use Cannabis Delivery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will answer questions on what you need to know about getting cannabis delivered to you. 

Consuming Cannabis Responsibly

What are the different types of cannabis products available?
How long does it take for cannabis to take effect?

Below are average timeframes of how long effects might last based on what product you consume.

Note: The expected onset and duration of the effects of cannabis varies from person to person.

mode of consumption table

To understand how a cannabis product may make you feel, look for the:

  • Cultivar (or strain) name
  • Type of cannabis extract used in the manufacturing process (is the product made with hash, distillate, live resin)
  • Cannabinoid content or potency (the number of milligrams of THC, CBD, minor cannabinoids)


What does "Start Low and Go Slow" mean?

When you hear “Start Low and Go Slow” think about the following guidance:  

  • “Start Low” with the amount of cannabis consumed and “Go Slow” when increasing the amount of cannabis, you consume over a period of time.  
  • Start with a low serving size. (For someone who is new to cannabis and consuming an edible, that may mean between 2.5 to 5 milligrams). You may have to cut your edible into a half or into quarters to start with or have fewer sips of a beverage rather than taking the entire serving at once. 
  • After you have waited and feel safe to increase the amount, consume the same amount or less than you previously consumed rather than going for a full serving size. 
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes after inhaling or vaping 1-2 puffs of cannabis before consuming more. It’s recommended to pause and sit with how you feel before consuming more.  
  • Topicals can be portioned by how much of the product is applied at a time. If a dime sized amount of lotion is ineffective – increase to the size of a quarter, and so on. 
  • When you eat or drink cannabis products, THC is broken down in the liver and transforms into the metabolite 11-Hydroxy-THC (11-OH-THC), which is several times more potent than THC when it is smoked. 
  • When trying a new product for the first time remember, different products can take longer to take effect.  Wait for effects before taking more. Then the next time you consume you’ll know what the right amount for your body looks like. You can always take more if you aren’t feeling the effects, but you cannot take less!


More information on Safer Cannabis Consumption 

What if someone has overconsumed cannabis?

Overconsuming cannabis, as in consuming too much cannabis too quickly, can be overwhelming and scary. Here are tips if this happens to you:

  • The only way to get through the experience of consuming too much cannabis - is to get through it! Remind yourself that the effects are temporary.  
  • Hydrate and rest – it’s important to know that this will pass! Drinking plenty of water and taking a nap may help pass the time until the effects subside. 
  • Take deep breaths – regulating your breath is a great way to calm the nervous system down when experiencing an overwhelming amount of cannabis. 
  • Find an activity that offers you comfort. This might include listening to music or watching a show.   
  • Who’s your support system? Call someone you trust and feel safe to talk to and who will support you.  
  • Contact 911 in case of a medical emergency or call Poison Control (800) 222-1222.  
  • When you recover, reflect on the set and setting you were in, consider alternative places to consume to enjoy cannabis safely. Re-evaluate the cultivar, concentration, and serving size you consumed.  Review the serving size recommendations and product form tips provided in this guide. 
  • If you’ve overconsumed cannabis, don’t use other substances. There’s no way to know how they will interact and heighten the symptoms you’re experiencing. 
  • Don't drive high. Always make a transportation plan before consuming cannabis. Stay put or get a ride


Why is safe cannabis storage important?

If you keep cannabis products at your home, they should be stored safely, locked, and kept out of reach of children and pets. Accidentally consuming edibles is a risk for children and pets that can result in cannabis toxicity or the need for emergency medical attention. If there is an accidental exposure to cannabis or cannabis products of any kind — call Poison Center (800) 222-1222 or visit your Emergency Room if needed.   

Contact your vet immediately if your pet has ingested a product containing cannabis. 

Young people and pets sometimes find cannabis when it is openly discarded in the trash (such as residue from concentrates on Q-tips, cigarette butts, and edibles). To be safe, cannabis should be thrown out in a secure location.




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Video: OCM Presents: Cannabis Products and Serving Sizes


Educational Materials


Poison Center - If there is an accidental exposure to cannabis or cannabis products of any kind, or you have an adverse reaction to cannabis - Call the Poison Center (800) 222-1222. Call 911 if the person is showing signs of an emergency.


Understanding Cannabis Use Disorder

Cannabis consumption becomes problematic when it begins to negatively impact a person’s life. Continued problematic cannabis consumption can lead to a condition called Cannabis Use Disorder. Some common signs of Cannabis Use Disorder include:

  • Consuming more cannabis than intended  
  • Trying but being unable to cut down or stop consuming cannabis when you want 
  • Spending a lot of time using cannabis  
  • Craving cannabis  
  • Consuming cannabis even though it causes problems at home, at school, or at work  
  • Continuing to consume cannabis despite social or relationship problems  
  • Giving up important activities with family or friends in favor of using cannabis  
  • Consuming cannabis in high-risk situations, like while driving a car 
  • Continuing to consume cannabis despite physical or psychological problems  
  • Needing to consume more cannabis to get the same high  
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when stopping the consumption of cannabis


Consuming cannabis often (daily or almost every day) can effect your health. It can increase your risk of Cannabis Use Disorder.


What to do if cannabis use becomes a problem

Addiction Support - Talk to your health care provider or a substance use counselor if you think your cannabis use is problematic, such as disrupting your daily life causing problems at work, school, or home, or having difficulty cutting down on or stopping cannabis consumption. You can also call the Office of Addiction Services and Supports’ 24/7 HOPE Line at 1-877-8-HOPENY (467369) or text HOPENY (467369) or visit https://oasas.ny.gov/ to learn more about addiction treatment.

Contact the Office

Call Center - To contact the Office of Cannabis Management, please call us at (888) OCM-5151 (888-626-5151).

Email - [email protected]

Need to report an adverse event or an issue with a cannabis business or cannabis product?

Report an Incident